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Roofing job in Fairview, TN with architectural shingles.


When It's Time to Consider Roof Replacement:

 You have experienced multiple issues with your roof in a short amount of time and the cost of those repairs are beginning to add up.  Financially speaking, it's time to weigh the options of continual costly repairs versus replacement. Listed below are a few other factors to consider when contemplating replacement of your home's roof:

  • Your roof is aging - You're beginning to see granule loss, granule/roof debris at the downspout drains, fiberglass matting of shingles glistening in sun exposure, and/or shingles beginning to crack and curl
  • Your roof is ugly - Roughly 40% of your home's curb appeal is your roof! Streaking, mold/mildew growth, and fading slopes can put a damper on the appeal of your home. 
  • Storm damage - Have you experienced recent severe weather in your area such as high winds or hail? Have you noticed missing shingles or roof debris in your yard or gutters?
  • Insurance requirement - Insurance company is requiring roof replacement in order to provide coverage for your home.   It's important to note that many insurance companies now offer discounts to clients with new roofing systems. 

***  We provide free estimates and roof inspections.   We respectfully ask that any realtor or homeowner requesting a written inspection report call for additional details as inspection rates may apply.