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Storm Damage / Insurance Claims

 If your home gets damaged by a storm or some other unexpected event, the repair process of your home can be stressful. Between dealing with the aftermath, busy schedules, and added uncertainty of the claims process, it is important to hire a knowledgeable contractor to help guide you through this process in order to get your home back to its pre-existing condition. Collins Restoration Services, LLC is staffed with a dedicated team who is well versed in the claims process and aware of your insurer's requirements and expectations.  We strive to provide a smooth claims handling process while simultaneously providing exceptional installation services. 

 It is important to note that Collins Restoration Services, LLC is knowledgeable in the required billing process and documentation expectations of both your insurer and mortgage company.  We also know how essential it is to provide your claims adjuster with clear and transparent supplements in case their scope of work originally estimated does not completely repair your home and restore it back to its pre-existing condition.  Knowledge, experience, and timely execution of such things are critical in order to expedite the claims process.  Your deductible is your only responsibility; let the worries and stress that comes with the claims handling process fall on the shoulders of Collins Restoration Services, LLC.